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DipIFR Preparation


DipIFR Study Materials

Becker Professional Education offers colleges and training companies, as well as individual DipIFR candidates, the opportunity to study using our ACCA Approved Content materials.

ATC International became part of Becker Professional Education in May 2011 and under the brand of Becker Professional Education, our ACCA and DipIFR materials have been awarded ACCA Approved Content Providers for December 2014 onwards under the new ACCA content approval programme.

As an ACCA Approved Content Provider, our materials have undergone a thorough assessment by ACCA’s examining team to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all ACCA Learning outcomes providing candidates with the best resources for success.

ATC International’s Approved Content Materials

Study System: Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus with a focus on learning outcomes and designed to be used both as a reference text and as part of integrated study. The Study System includes:
  • An introductory session containing the Syllabus and Study Guide and approach to examining the syllabus to familiarise you with the content of this paper
  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus
  • Focus on learning outcomes
  • Visual overviews
  • Definitions of terms
  • Illustrations
  • Worked examples with solutions
  • Activities with solutions
  • Commentaries
  • Key points summaries
Study Question Bank: a series of practice questions for each syllabus topic and linked to each chapter within the Study System. Revision Question Bank: Exam-standard questions together with full answers to support and prepare you for your exams. The Revision Question Bank includes:
  • The most recent DipIFR examinations with suggested answers
  • Past examination questions, updated where relevant
  • Model answers and suggested solutions
  • Tutorial notes
Becker’s materials are currently available in a number of formats both online and offline. Becker produces a full range of study materials of which the content is substantially derived from materials which have been quality assured by ACCA. Find out more about our full range of online and distance learning study programmes.
If you are a training company or organization providing training for DipIFR courses, then Becker offers you the opportunity to licence our Approved Content materials for use on your own classroom courses. In addition to our Approved Content materials above, we also provide a range of additional teaching resources to support you in your DipIFR courses including:
  • Lesson Guidance: a suggested timetable per paper indicating key topics to be taught in class along with corresponding question practice, suggested homework topics and guidance for lecturers on timings / syllabus coverage and worked question practice
  • Revision Guidance: a suggested programme to follow for your revision phase of your taught course, providing guidance on key questions to work through in class and exam technique.
  • Teaching Powerpoint Slides for your lecturers to use in classroom
  • Two Monitoring Tests: used to assess students’ progress to date, and identify areas of weakness. Questions and Answers are provided as separate documents.
  • Mock Exams: exam-standard questions and answers in test format, targeted at what our subject experts think will come up at the next sitting
To discuss your requirements and to find out more about partnering with Becker for your DipIFR requirements, email us for further information
As an Approved Content Provider, Becker’s DipIFR study materials are available to use by candidates all over the world. You can either purchase individual materials in online format or as printed hard copies or study using one of our online learning courses which are based on our Approved Content Provider materials.As our materials are reviewed by ACCA’s examining team, you can be assured they are of the highest quality to help you in your learning and revision for your DipIFR exam.To buy online and to find out more about the materials available, please visit our shop
If you want to have a look at Becker’s DipIFR study materials, small samples are available to download below:
ExamStudy SystemStudy Question BankRevision Question Bank
If you want any further information, please email us

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